Please Do Not WASH our costume(s). We expect the costume(s)/hire items to be returned on time and in good condition. Basic washing is included in your hire contract. We charge extra for cleaning if the costume(s) is excessively dirty. Additional cleaning is charged at $25 per hour. 

Please be assured that we ONLY charge you what it takes to return the costume(s) into its original condition. If your pants are too long please let us know at the time of your costume(s) fitting as we usually have a seamstress on site that will be happy to take them up rather than the bottoms become excessively dirty from a night of wear. Please note FACE PAINT must not come anywhere near our costume(s) whether worn by yourself or others around you. Face Paint unfortunately does not come out of our costume(s) and full replacement cost will be required if items are stained by face paint. If the costume(s) is unrepairable or the stains cannot be removed we will get a quote from both our seamstress and supplier, then we will inform you of the replacement costs before payment is required. We DO NOT charge your credit or debit card before informing you first, unless all our attempts to contact you are not responded to. We do take into consideration general wear and tear as well as pre-existing faults however, if it is obvious that due to mistreatment of our costume(s) you will be held accountable. 


If you have a party or function coming up in the next 4 weeks we are happy to put costume(s) aside for you but we do require a manual imprint of a credit card to hold the costume(s). If you don’t have a credit/debit card we do require a $50/$100 deposit which will be fully refunded upon the return of the costume(s) provided the Terms of Hire have been followed and the costume(s) isn’t late, ruined or excessively dirty. We do reserve the costume(s) at the back of store and try to avoid hiring them in between when you reserve them and pick them up but please be aware they may be hired and therefore we cannot guarantee that they will be in the exact same condition. 

Please be aware that we do charge a 50% cancellation fee if you cancel your costume(s). This is to compensate for the time the costume(s) hasn’t been on the racks for other customers to hire. Or if cancelled on the day or just not collected you will be charged a full hire fee.


If you know now that you are likely to ruin, lose or damage our costume(s) – please do not hire from us, instead ask our helpful Staff for purchasing ideas or advice on how we can assist you. 

WE DO CHARGE LATE FEES. So carefully read your hire contract, be aware of the return date before leaving with a costume(s) to ensure you will meet the return date requirements, and understand the conditions involved.