Conditions of Hire

Hire of costume(s) is based upon an understanding of the following conditions:

Costume(s) must be returned on the specified date. If you are unable to return them in this time period, please talk to us about other arrangements. Costume(s) not returned on time will incur a late fee. $10.00 a day per costume late fees will be applied that the costume(s) is not returned. 

There is no refund once the costume(s) has left the store. We clean costume(s) upon their return, but do expect that reasonable care is taken in their treatment. If the hire item/s are excessively dirty the Hirer may be charged extra for cleaning if the costume(s). Additional cleaning is charged at $25 per hour. Damage to a costume(s) will incur an additional fee and or replacement. Failure to return a costume(s) will result in replacement costs. All additional charges are in addition to the hiring fee. The hirer is totally responsible for any damage, theft or loss. On non return of any items or non payment of any late fees/replacement fees a Bailiff will be appointed for recovery, at the cost of the Hirer. The Hirer acknowledges costume(s) and props are worn/used at their own risk. 

For more information read the FAQs section