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How long is a costume hire period?

A costume can be taken on any day of the week, depending on the function date of the party and must be returned the Monday after the party (provided availability of the costume). Prior arrangements can be made to change the pickup/drop off date of the costumes so please talk to us if you need to!

Customers who order costumes to be sent to them for a weekend event will normally receive their costume on the Wednesday/Thursday before the party and have to Express post it back to us the following Monday.

Costumes not received/returned on time will incur a late fee of $10 per costume per day the costume is not returned, until the full costume is returned.

Can I arrange to have the costume for longer if I want?

Are there additional charges associated with this?

You can arrange to keep a costume(s) for longer than a normal hire period subject to that costume’s availability. If you require your costume(s) for longer than a normal hire period please check with us when you book. Depending on the popularity of the costume we will determine if there is to be an additional hire fee. 

What happens if my costume is late to be returned?

Costume(s) not received/returned on time will incur a late fee, unless you call us to make a prior arrangement. We generally give a one day grace period past the due date but after that a $10 late fee is incurred for each day the costume is not returned. On non-return of any items or non payment of any late fees/replacement fees a Bailiff will be appointed for recovery at the cost of the Hirer and the outstanding amount will be referred to the Small Claims Court. 

What do you take as a deposit?

We take credit card details of the person hiring the costume(s). The credit card is not charged but details are kept until the costume is returned, at which point they are given back to the cardholder or we tear them up. If you do not have a credit card or would prefer not to give your credit card details as a bond, an additional $50/$100 is charged at the time of picking up your costume(s). This is refunded at the timely return of the costume, provided the costume is in its entirety and undamaged. 

How will I know if the costume fits me?

For best fit we can take your measurements, but we take no responsibility if not able to try the costume on and there are no refunds.  It is best if you can come into the shop for a fitting as if it needs altering and there is enough time we may be able to assist in a better fit

Once I book my costume can I swap it for another costume?

Provided it is arranged prior to collection (not less than 2 days notice) and not on the day of collection. Otherwise you will be charged either full costume hire or a cancellation fee. Depending on the day it is re arranged. So with enough notice yes you can swap it for another costume. 

How far in advance do I need to book?

You can book your costume(s) up to 4 weeks prior to an event. Depending on your requirements, if you are after a very particular look the early you book the more likely you are to secure the costume you are after. 

Why do you need to take a deposit?

The deposit is required to ensure people bring our costume(s) back and so that they understand that they are accountable for them. If you are picking up your costume the bond is taken at the time you collect or book your costume. We take credit card details or a $50/$100 cash/card payment as a bond. If you are getting your costume sent to you, we will keep your credit card details from your order over the phone. Your bond will be refunded to you (if you paid $100 per costume) or given back to you/ripped up (if you gave Credit card details). 

Can I get a costume held for me?

Yes we can hold costume(s) for customers provided a security deposit imprint of your card is supplied or you’re credit card details over the phone. Please note that all held costumes carry a cancellation fee of 50% of the hired costume(s) (per costume) this will be deducted from your credit card details. 

Can I book over the phone?

Yes! Simply browse through the range online and give us a call during business hours (08 8947 1269). Let us know which costume you are interested in, the date of the event and your size. We will require you to come in and try on the costume(s) so we can confirm the booking. We require payment at time of booking, which will mean giving credit card details over the phone. 

What happens if I book a costume and then cancel my booking?

If you book a costume(s) you will be required to provide a security deposit imprint of your card or your credit card details over the phone. Please note that all held costumes carry a cancellation fee of 50% of the hired costume(s), this will be deducted from your credit card details, e.g Held costume is $66.00 to hire you will pay a $33.00 cancellation fee. 

If you do not notify us of your cancellation of this  costume hire, not less than 48 hours prior to the event  and or fail to collect the costume, the full amount of the costume hire is forfeited.

If I hire a costume(s) and do not get to wear it can I get a refund/book it for a later date for free?

We can’t guarantee that your event/party will proceed and if you don’t get to wear the costume, or for whatever reason you chose not to wear the costume, would be your decision and we cannot be held responsible. Therefore no refund or re booking for free would be applicable. 

Do I clean the costume?

No. All you have to do is enjoy wearing the costume and we will worry about cleaning it. In fact, we ask that you do not clean the costume as some materials require special treatment. Please read our Washing Policy for further information.

What if something goes missing or is damaged?

We expect that reasonable care is taken of our costume(s) and accessories. If you are unable to return a costume(s)/accessory or it is not in fit condition to be hired again, you will be charged the full replacement cost. If a costume(s) is damaged, we will charge you at our discretion, an appropriate amount to cover the repair and/or damage to the costume’s ability to be hired. 

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